Sequencing rhythms with Steppy and Plog

Some recent live recordings. The rhythms are from short Steppy sequences running into a Plog - simple patterns seem to work well for this. The sounds are from Plonk and a Moog DFAM and Mother32. Everything is running into a Morgasmatron and a Springray.

I’m still learning how to make music with this kind of a setup.


That’s a natural pairing that I haven’t really explored. Cool to hear what you’ve come up with.

Also, a little bird told me you have some new goodies on the way…

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I love using logic combinations of rhythms, it can yield some really interesting results that are hard to come up with using manual methods.

Using sequences with prime number lengths, 7, 11, 13, etc and then combining them with AND, NAND, or XOR can give you a huge number of variations.

Haven’t tried this with Steppy and Plog either, but it sounds like it would be a ton of fun, especially since you can modulate the logic function in Plog.

They arrived! The Jellysquasher is exactly what I needed.

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