Sequencing beats with a Steppy and a couple of Traitts

I’ve been running the gates from a Steppy into mults and then attenuating the voltages. That makes it possible to get fairly good control over a few different lengthed sequences. It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes it sounds good.


Hey sounds great. What parameters were you offsetting with the triatt?

I’ve been trying a few different things - anything that will create a musical pattern. Offsetting the velocity on a Moog DFAM works well.

To make it more playable, I need to come up with a way of averaging/limiting the summed voltages from the traitt. The problem is that if two gates are triggered at the same time it’s possible to end up with some really loud notes.

Edit: running the summed voltages signal into a mult and then attenuating one copy of the signal with an inverted copy of the signal in a VCA solves the problem with excessive voltage.