Sending clock to Rainmaker via Electribe 2


I’m in the planning stage of my system and since it’s not always easy to clock everything correctly and have it all working, I thought I ask in advance. Also, I’m a total noob, when it comes to eurorack.

Ok, so here’s the thing: I’m going to clock my Electribe via Ableton (as master clk) through usb, which should work perfectly. From there the Electribe has an output pulse of 15ms at 5V in 8th note intervals, as written in the manual.

1.) Which cable should I use? In the Electribe manual it looks like two balanced 3.5 jacks. (There are people clocking eurorack modules through Electribe already, so it should work)

2.) Is the 8th pulse enough to clock the rainmaker correctly? I’m also considering a midi to cv interface from 2hp, but I could certainly use that space for a better MMF Filter.

Thanks in advance for any help.

It’s a bit odd how they’ve documented it in the manual. If it’s outputting at 15ms, wouldn’t that always be the same tempo? Anyways, if it’s sending 1/8th note pulses that should work fine. Most euroclocks sync to 1/16th notes, so this one might feel a bit slower, but at least it will be in time.

  1. Standard eurorack cables are unbalanced TS 3.5mm (1/8th") cables, but balanced ones will work fine.

  2. Yes. Just connect the Electribe clock out to the Delay CLK input and you should be good to go. You’ll want to pay attention to your clock division and TAP# settings in Rainmaker to determine the timing of your delays. If you’re using the Comb section and want it to sync too, you can set it to clock to the Delay section.

Thank you Scott! Great news. Another two short unrelated questions, if you don’t mind:

The audio is coming directly from a motu mk4 interface and passes two modules on the way. How much do I need to boost the audio coming out of the interface for it to work and how much will I need to attenuate the audio going back into the motu? If I have to post another topic, please let me know. Thanks!

Line level has to be boosted a lot to reach modular level, somewhere in the ballpark of 60dB if my calculations are correct. It’s much easier to bring eurorack level into an audio interface because they usually have input volume controls that you can reduce to get things under control.

Some modules, like Rainmaker have input gain knobs that can go up into line level range. The better option is to get something like the Audio Interface II to connect your Motu and modular.

Thank you for clearing that up. You’ve been very helpful. Looking forward to getting my rainmaker and also a few more Intellijel modules, when I have the money. I figured they are the best among very few others.

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Glad I could help! I’m sure you’ll love the Rainmaker.

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