Send MIDI with MIDI 1U module?

Hi, is it actually possible to send MIDI to other gear using the 1U module? Let’s say you want to clock another synth or drum machine to the clock of your eurorack.
Sorry if this already was a topic…

No, this is not possible with µMIDI, it is a MIDI input, not an output.

With the 7U cases, the THRU jack will pass whatever’s connected to the IN. So if you have a sync source, you can at least sync other devices down the chain.

Thanks for clarifying… Was wondering why the case even has a Midi out then :sweat_smile:

Just because we don’t have something that works with it now, doesn’t mean we never will! Plus there have been some users that have wired those jacks to work with modules like Pamela’s New Workout and others.