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Selecting Presets With Plonk Using Steppy

Since this seems to be a technique that confuses some people, I wanted to make a video to demonstrate how to use gates from Steppy to select presets in Plonk using the MOD input.

We worried that the first video I made went too fast and got too complicated, so I made another one with voiceover. I’m going to post both videos because I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Do you find them both easy enough to follow? Do you find you learn better if you have a voiceover explaining things, or is text on screen sufficient?

With Voiceover: https://youtu.be/EIhepLatoOg

Text On Screen: https://youtu.be/hDJ7oezuAIM

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I think the one with voiceover will be hugely helpful. It’s a great explanation and will get people off to the races with their own experimenting. The one with text is good for the experienced user but good to always explain anyway.

Cheers and SOLID patch idea!

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Thanks for the insight, powpow! Happy patching…

just fine without the voiceover.