Sealegs — Multi-Model Stereo Character Delay with Reverb

Sealegs is a collection of effects centered around a true stereo multi-model delay. Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital models; a saturating input drive; low- and high-pass filters; crackle & hiss generator; a multi-position 1970s-inspired reverb; internal modulators; nine CV inputs with attenuverters; three sets of ranges; clock sync/tap tempo; three unique stereo configurations.

Mylar Melodies has the goods—

We’ll have a more technical video up at 11am—

Calm waters, rolling waves, or wild storms — the weather is up to you.

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just wanted to say, this is my favorite delay of all time after just two days. it is incredible. all the details are there, even the noise is beautiful. seriously well done.


I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The jams you’ve posted on YT have been great, BTW!

Same. This is the delay I’ve been waiting for since starting with eurorack.


Mine just arrived in time for the long weekend… and a Laborious weekend at Sea it will be, Maties! Drive and Fog are unbelievable… the three models are gorgeous. Sound quality is beyond any other eurorack effect I’ve heard. The CV’able potential of Sealegs and the “grab the sliders - I am a live performance weapon” is a dream come true. My Mimeophon, Magneto and Beads are going to be quite jealous (Magneto is already displaced into a 4ms Pod34 ;-).
Interesting observation - on the back of Sealegs, the ARM chip is part of a submodule labeled, “Intellijel Backpack”. This makes me speculate that Danjel and team have some other potential ideas using the platform… a Shapeshifter replacement perhaps?


I’m glad you’re enjoying Sealegs.

re: the backpack: I wouldn’t read into it too much :wink:

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Sealegs absolutely brings me back to the days of “playing” a DL4 as an instrument, and I haven’t really experienced a delay like that since. Super excited to get one, but have to sell some stuff first :sweat_smile:

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Only on evening in with Sealegs, but it was overall quite enjoyable.

A couple of observations…

  1. When freeze was engaged (in digital mode) the audible “clicking” at the loop point in the buffer was kind of a drag. Could some type of cross fading possibly be applied to reduce this?
  2. Now this is just my subjective observation obviously, but the volume range or curve on the noise control could be improved. At times I wished I could switch the noise into the delay path instead of it just being mixed in with the delays. Separate it seems too prominent to my ears, but hey it’s the effect I get it. Also, it would be cool if the noise could have been a modulation source!

Still exploring, but overall really nice work on a great new delay in the euro rack world!

thanks for the feedback @bc3 !

Re #2: not entirely sure what you mean with respect to switching the noise into the delay path - if you hold alt and turn the noise knob CCW, the noise is added at the input of the delay. Maybe I’m misunderstanding?

Re: the other features, I will add them to consideration for future firmware updates.

I’ve had Sealegs for about a week now and, of course, loving it. Super deep module and lots to explore. Love how hands on it is.

Wondering is there a buffer purge or clear button (or combo) that maybe I missed in the manual? If not, it would be great if you would consider that for a future firmware update, as it’s really handy when changing settings and things get mucky for a bit. I’ve also got to make a request for adding reverse delay in the future too if possible, as I have psychedelic tendencies. Keep knocking it out of the park, you guys are on fire over there!

This is a terrific module, I really love it. Fabulous sound, and great controls - just what I was after in terms of a delay module. I have only one tiny request for a possible future firmware update. I’m finding the Color slider non-too subtle, and actually rather irrelevant to the kind of music I produce. The tape drop-outs really don’t sound attractive to my ears. Maybe in the future, we could have the option of tape saturation instead? This is the only thing I miss, if I compare Sealegs to the Strymon Magneto, and I’m surprised it isn’t provided by Color.

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sold out everywhere in Canada, can we expect a drop before xmas at Nightlife or next year?

Hey guys,

First post :tada:

Absolutely love Sealegs, congrats for this amazing module ! Blends several things I love - great delay models, drive & color, reverb, noise, mod - for inspiring results and textures, kudos !

But I already contacted support with an important feature request - could you please add the possibility to disable tape model color audio dropouts ? Like @adriannewton851 pointed out, I want the tape color but not all these dropouts - they kind of hinder the textures smoothness and the experience for me. Please please :slight_smile: It would really make the tape model much more usable to me (and probably others).

And a second feature request - would be amazing if we had a bit more variety & configuration options in the available noise types.

Looking forward to more firmware updates :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for your consideration & keep up the great work !

All the best from France,


Glad you’re loving Sealegs!

Thanks for the feedback and notes, On the Tape model there is actually not much else happening with the colour slider other than drop outs and tape catching, a majority of the “Tape sound”/saturation comes from the model itself, how it handles modulation, time and feedback.