Scales "Scale Shift" mode problem

I’m trying to get my Scales’ “Scale Shift” mode to work. I have a bank with seven scales saved in it. I can load the different scales no problem.

I press Config to enter Config mode and press Scale, so that CV into the SHIFT input will now load different scales. But…it doesn’t work. CV into SHIFT seems to duplicate CV into PITCH.

The instructions seem pretty straightforward, and I watched a video in which what I did seemed to work, but for the life of me I can’t seem to duplicate it.

I looked around but couldn’t find this question answered anywhere. Which makes me feel like I’m missing something incredibly obvious, but I had this functionality working on my μScale and I’d very much like to duplicate it with SCALES.

Help? Thanks in advance!

Might be best to send a video to

Is it possible you’re in DUAL mode? If you have SCALE selected as Shift Mode and send some CV to the SHIFT input, you should be able to see the selected notes change as the CV changes. If you disconnect the PITCH input it might make it more clear.

It looks like I am in DUAL mode! Lemme try it in SEQ mode…

SPOILERS: I think it’s working! Took me a minute to realize that, in Scale Shift mode, you can’t monkey with the currently selected scale, but I sussed it.

Thanks @ScottMFR!

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