Scales question - Requantizing already quantized voltages

I’m waiting on a reply from support@intellijel about this but really want an answer ASAP as I want to order potentially 4 of these modules this week but one thing is troubling me. Here’s what I sent them…

"I’m looking to potentially buy four Scales modules for my rack but need clarification on one point before going forward.

I intend to use the modules to re-quantize already quantized data coming out of a quad MIDI to CV module (Mutable Yarns) to a subset of chosen notes. For example to only allow C E and G from an incoming CV stream that contains all of the 12 note scale.

I know that some quantizers struggle with quantizing incoming CVs that already sit exactly at the quantized voltage value. I have a WMD Arpitecht that does this. WMD support suggested adding a tiny offset voltage to the note CV pre-quantizer. This works but is not ideal, particularly when I want to use four quantizers.

How does Scales cope with pre-quantized CVs?


Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?


i can say that i have had no problems using the quantized output of metropolis into scales.

i also find it really interesting that some quantizers would have a problem with voltages that are already quantized. in theory it should just receive the CV value and then spit the closest note in the selected scale out. thank you for the heads up on this.

All of the inputs are calibrated, so “re-quantizing” should not be an issue. There is also a built in threshold to jump from one note to another to minimize reaction to unstable voltages. coq is right, cv is cv.

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I made a quick demo to show how Scales handles pre-quantized CV from a keyboard and sequencer. Scales will not alter quantized notes as long as they are part of the selected scale. No offset required!


Thanks for all of your help. Time to buy some Scales :slight_smile:


I like to run my 1v/oct sequencer note CV through the uFold, then sweep through the fold and or sym with an in time LFO/Quadra. But often the out can be out of tune. The Scales raises or lower the voltage to keep in tune with the chosen scale? Does it choose the nearest value or always go up or down?

You are correct, this is the exact purpose of scales! And yes, it will snap the closest voltage (up or down)

yes it will snap to the nearest voltage. lets say you had C and F selected on the Scales module as the only notes that could play. when the cv would come in and it was less than halfway between C and F then it would snap to C.