Scales - Learn

Hi guys,

Sorry if the question sounds stupide but I want to be sure I’m doing things well.
If I want to use Scale to learn the scale coming from an external source such as a sequencer, I guess I have to tune my VCO to the sequencer first, right ? For example, if my sequencer shows D4, I have to tune the VCO until il hear a D4.

Thanks for the feedback !

That’s right, the pitch displayed on any sequencer or quantizer always assumes that you’ve tuned your oscillator so that when the sequencer or quantizer is showing a C then the oscillator is actually playing a C.

Thank you for your reply Kamil.
I also understood that when you turn the Scales on, it output 0V wich is a C but a C0.

It doesn’t have to be tuned to a C0, just a C. Actually you can turn it to any other note and you will just have a transposed version of the pitch, useful if you want to have a second oscillator play an octave higher, lower, or a fifth apart.

This is modular so there are no strict rules

Hi Kamil,
Thank you for the reply. I was missing the basics !
Cheers !