Scales Keyboard Mode

I’m wondering about the enhancement in firmware 1.01 that allows the gates of notes to be held high as long as they are pressed when recording in the sequencer. This would allow notes to be played in real time, but it’s not working for me. I’ve probably misunderstood something. Any info will help. Thank you!


Just make sure this stuff is accurate, and if not, fire a video off to

  • On the Config page, make sure that the DUAL/SEQ LED is flashing, this means the sequencer is enabled on OUT B
  • From the main page, press REC, the LED in the blue button should start flashing, any selected notes will turn yellow, and you’ll be recording a sequence.
  • When you hold a key the TRIG OUT and TRIG LED should go HIGH as you hold, and off when you release. The Pitch from the keyboard will be on OUT B, and the gate to drive your VCA/Envelope will be on the TRIG OUT

Hope that helps

Hello and thank you for the reply. All of that works. But my question is for when sequence is played back. I’m wondering if the gate can actually get recorded for the time I hold it. Because in record mode the gate is held high, but when playing it back it becomes as short as the clock pulse. My apologies if I misunderstood the firmware 1.01 enhancement.

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. The gate length on the sequencer is currently a fixed-length trig on playback, unless it’s rested (off) or tied (full).

The enhancement is more of a quick performance use-case if you need a little keyboard in a pinch.

Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying. Would love to see a live sequence record mode that preserves note length, but either way, this is an incredible module.

It would be nice if the manual was updated with this keyboard mode info. The current manual just says “TBD” under “Using Scales As a Miniature Keyboard”

Oversight on our part. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll forward this to Egor to update.


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