Scales Feature Request: SEQ Mode

Newly selected patterns should not start before the current one is over.

If I want to change a pattern while the sequencer is running and playing a pattern, the next pattern starts immediately and is not in sync.
If the next selected pattern would not start until the currently running pattern is at the end, then the patterns will always be always in sync -> even without a reset trigger.
This is how it works with the Roland TB-03 or SH-01A (I think they are very similar sequencers).
This feature would also be useful in Steppy
Is there a chance that this will be implemented in an upcoming firmware update?

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Yep, this is one has been requested before, it’s on our radar.


Great :slight_smile:
also for Steppy?

Yes, also on that list :slight_smile:


Delayed load In Steppy: When on the LOAD page, long-press the desired preset button to delay it from loading until the current pattern completes the cycle.

will that be implemented in scales as well?

Possibly, as I mentioned it’s on the list for consideration

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Is there any news that this feature will also be implemented in Steppy’s SEQ mode?

Yes this was implemented in Steppy 1.2 last year. I’ll copy/paste the changelog below.

1.2.0 (2020-01-16)

  • NEW: Latching Loopy mode. When Holding down Loopy steps, tap the SEL button to Latch your loop. Press a step button to release. If you change your Loopy steps, you will need to press SEL to latch them again.
  • NEW: Delayed load. When on the LOAD page, you can long-press a preset to have it load when the current pattern reaches its last step on track 1.
  • NEW: Muted tap entry mode. When in TAP Recording Mode, you can press the “PROB” button to toggle muting your taps. The ABCD buttons will turn Yellow to indicate Muted.
  • NEW: Step Edit mode (per-step gate length, delay, probability (and still Ratchets). This changes the UI for editing ratchets, as you can now edit 3 other parameters. Details will be found the updated manual.
  • FIXED: Track Probability is now applied to the current position, and will not randomize individual ratchets.

Sorry I mean
that this feature will also be implemented in Scales’s SEQ mode?

Oh sorry I misunderstood. That I don’t know…

Sorry, I can’t provide any ETA or confirmation for this, we have a few other projects on the go right now.