Scales as a buffered multiple?

Hi, I’m thinking of acquiring a Scales to use as the most overpowered buffered multiple I can find.

Kidding… I want a quantizer too. But, I do want to use it as a buffered multiple for already-quantized (from Metropolix) V/Oct for additive synth patches with proper tracking. I believe I will lose slide/portamento/glide from Metropolix, right? Is there any way to preserve the slide into Scales, or is that just silly?

I’m no super pro, but I dont think you’re gonna get the results you’re looking for this way.

First, depending on the quantization settings on scales, you might not get a 1-1 of the already quantized voltage coming in. You will definitely lose the slide/port/glide. That kind of thing always needs to come after a quantization step.

And finally, even if you’re ok with both of those caveats, you’d only be getting 1 extra buffered output from the B channel.

I think you’re looking in the wrong place.