Running CV through Stereo Line In / Line Out 1U Modules?

I was thinking of a use case where I could run Ableton CV Tools through my patchbay into my Stereo Line In 1U (which is pre-patched to my bay), or run CV out from my Stereo Line Out through my patchbay to another case. Is it safe to do this with these modules?

My audio interface is DC coupled but I did not see in the manuals where DC signals are filtered out. I have only tried with a clock signal so far since that is audible anyway.

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I’m not sure about whether the audio ins/outs modules are coupled, but I know the jacks themselves can pass a DC signal, and I believe that the modules can too. I seem to remember almost blowing out a friend’s speakers the first time I tried a eurorack system because I accidentally sent cv through the 3u audio I/o. That said, if you want to link your eurorack to either Ableton/your DAW or to VCV, I definitely recommend you check out Expert Sleepers’ line of modules, specifically the ES series (not the mk series) of modules. They specialize in linking eurorack to a usb connection. If you’re big on matchy-matchy aesthetics though, be warned that their modules only come in black panels