Rubicon2 solo

I’m not sure this is a great example of what the Rubicon can do, but most of what’s going on is coming from that module. It’s been my main analog sound source for a while now - messing around with conditionally syncing/unsyncing it to another oscillator based on the state of a few interconnected LFOs. This patch was mostly generating patterns on its own, using sample and hold on a central LFO ‘brain.’

Edit: this is way less filtered. It’s a better example of the kinds of sounds that are coming out of the module:

Rubicon2 is the best oscillator. It’s capable of so much and plus the 9 outputs… I use it in almost every one of my songs. It’s wavefolder is very unique as well and does some weird things.

Don’t forget you can take the module out and crank the potentiometer in the back to turn up the wavefolder intensity.


I somehow managed to delete the first track from my Soundcloud page. This is the same idea, but better:

It’s a Rubicon going into a Morgasmatron / Rainmaker and (I think) out the Rainmaker stereo outputs into two linked Jellysquashers. The goal is to make unquantized melodies that sound good. Ornette Coleman is a big inspiration.