Root param meets the circle of fifths

When I use my Scales, Metropolix and Tete, I like to modulate scale-related parameters like offset, pitch-pre, scale, etc. to make my melodic phrases longer. When I use Root as-is I end up with harmony changes that are quite chromatic. This is fine for a lot of cases, but I often want to modulate to a closely related key. Ex: C to G or F instead of C to C# or B, respectively.

I imagine it would be handy to have an alternative to Root where as the CV increases it goes nonlinearly clockwise around the circle of fifths (modulo the octave, of course.) Decreasing CV would similarly go counterclockwise around the circle of fifths.

One nice thing about a mode like this is that each CV notch would only change one note of the major scale at a time. This can be a subtle but powerful way to develop a set/track over several minutes.

I am sure there is a clever name or two out there for this. Pythagorean mode? Just kidding!


I’ve thought about using Metropolix preset chaining for exactly this.

This one is on the wishlist!


Funny enough I proposed this internally a few weeks ago, glad there are other people out there that think it would be useful.


Yes - another vote here for some kind of implementation of a circle of fifths transposition logic. Absolutely loving the Midi implementation in the Metropolix and hope you will be adding more - possibly some Midi Input control features?

Love that idea ! Classic transposing with put having too many dissonance is pretty difficult, sometimes I use a second scaler for that. The circlebof fifth wpuld be the best way to do it in my opinion.