Reverse Shifty?

Last night I started thinking it would be fun to have a module that worked like Shifty, but in reverse. It would take 4 CV inputs and merge them into a single CV output, with switches to determine the voice order, number of voices, s&h/t&h behaviour, and a gate in/out. If a voice has no input it would be treated as a silent “rest” step to enable the creation of different rhythms.

An additional 1v/oct CV input with an attenuator that adds to the summed output would be useful to add FM or offset the final result.

I think this would be a fun module for making interesting performable arpeggios. It would pair quite nicely with Tetrapad especially, but would work well with a variety of CV sources.

What do you think?


Doepfer A-151 would get you part of the way there. It has four I/Os linked to one I/O and signal can go in either direction.

Oh that’s interesting! I like that it’s just 4HP and bidirectional.

There’s the erica synths SEQS which is bidirectional 4 in 1 out or 1 in 4 out, addressed by cv or trig or both (negative voltage makes it step backwards). 3hp. You’d need 2 of those to make a reverse shifty though I guess.

I can confirm 1 of them works very well with tetrapad. :smile: That said I’m really hoping the expander will allow you to clock/cv the inversion of chords in the chord/keyboard modes for similar effects. That’d go nice with the shifty too.