Hey guys, I am sure I am getting the Rainmaker soon and have to ask how many rack units wide it is for the sake of a case, plus what do I need to power it from them. Not a rack guy at all, purely softsynths, but that module is out of this world in my opinion, a total game changer I can hook up to my mixing board and use constantly. Thanks for the info peeps.

36HP - Full Details at the bottom of the page here: https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/cylonix-rainmaker/

You may want to look at an Audio Interface module to convert to balanced audio in and out of the rack to your mixer, since the eurorack signals run pretty hot. Something like: https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/audio-io/

You might also find these two articles I wrote for Ask.Audio helpful for starting your voyage into eurorack.

Hope everything went OK.