Rainmaker USB connector not functioning

I used Laser Mammoth with my Plonk without any issues but I’m having issues connecting with Rainmaker.
With the Rainmaker I press the Save and Load buttons simultaneously but it doesn’t want to make the connection. The screen isn’t showing any activity regarding the USB connection. The screen says PRESET MODE, Connect USB, nothing else, even when i connect the USB. So all in all, Laser Mammoth doesn’t detect my Rainmaker and I can’t overwrite bank when I manually choose Rainmaker. What do I do? I would like to at least get my Rainmaker’s factory shipped presets back.

Hi Kev_Durr,

I think I probably replied to you on youtube already, but if you’re doing this on a PC have you installed the drivers? https://intellijel.com/support/firmware-windows/

Otherwise it’s worth trying a different USB cable and port on your computer and if you can’t get it working reach out to support@intellijel.com