Rainmaker trigger load preset


I’m trying for the first time to prepare a patch that has some presets loaded by a trigger. I want to set a bunch of presets that i’m going to load randomly for generative music.
So i go MODB set “Preset #” and in ROUTING i set the Trigger to Preset Load.

So now any incoming CV in the MOD B changes the preset to load and a trigger will load that preset. Great. But i also understand that some things have to be kept in mind and that i discovered by testing because i didn’t red this in the manual :

1- This does not load the MODA and MODB assignment. I guess the purpose is to make sure “Preset#” assignment stays so you can load multiple presets. that’s great… but it would have been fun to load the MOD that does not have “Presets#” assigned so depending on the preset you load you still have options to send the other MOD destination to other parameters.

2- Load button is deactivated (that’s ok)

3- In this “mode” the GAINS are set once and for all other presets that are loaded. So if your CMB level on GAIN is set at 10 on the preset you started to load with then it will stay like this for all presets beeing loaded with a risk of loud level sometimes.

So my question is are there other parameters like the ones above that don’t change and that i haven’t seen ? i realise that the buttons delay feedback, pitch shift, feedback tone, COMB size, COMB feedback buttonPitch FXon FX mute and tempo setting are loaded. But is there something i miss ?

i have the feeling it’s like you are inside a preset and what you load is All delay and com parameters appart from GAIN and MOD assign. But the what does this mean in the manual : “This is not an offset, but directly overrides the current setting.”

The only parameters not loaded are GAIN and MOD assign ? what about routing + config ?
Anyone using this can share experience strategies ?


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