Rainmaker, scroll through presets


i would like to be able to scroll presets from 1 to 128 by turning the knob left rather then going to aaaaaall presets truning right.

also to load a preset push encoder could be improoved : rahter then “push” encoder to load, do “release” encoder, then we could have “push + turn” encoder = skip presets by 10.
just like fine setting work on groove amount for exemple (push turn = fine setting)


Very good and practical ideas.
I feel a firmware update coming

i like the first suggestion but i feel the second suggestion is not so good, due to you would only be able to go up or down ten slots then when you released the encoder switch it would load whatever preset its on before you could select anything else. which would be fine for studio work but i like it when i am playing live and i can cue up the next preset i want then just push the encoder.

You’r right, maybe after “clic turn” the encoder it goes ± 10 but on this release it does not load you have to clic again (?)