Rainmaker save request


i’m making lot of presets based on chords. Doing so i have to pay close attention to save procedure because as soon as your press save, select where to save and clic encoder to store preset, when you then turn the encoder rainmaker allows you to save again !!!
my brain can never manage this. i expect when save is done that by default turning the encoder goes to “load” another preset At least for safety reason. because many time i accidently overright a preset after saving one.

is there a reason why after saving a preset the encoder stays in “save” mode allowing you to “multiple” save somewhere else ? i don’t even understand why you would do so.

isn’t it possible (and make sense) that when save is done once, encoder return in load mode ?

I have indeed lost a few good custom presets because of this also. Good idea.

Making presets based on chords sounds interesting. Do you have a video or an channel somewhere where I could check out some of these sounds?


Would you be willing to share some of those chord presets to Laser Mammoth?

Well i’m not fan of mammoth and disconnect the unit plug USB… last time i did was a nightmare.
but it’s not a crazy setup. it’s just 16 taps with no feedback and random filters / Q and pitches are 0’s 12’s -12’s 5th, and third minor or major. sometime i add a little 9th . and i do several presets for different chord flavor. sus4 / 7th etc… result is really nice ! when sending pulse. on MODA/ i have filter and MODB grid to go 16th notes steady or bit more random blurry taps.
i’ll try to record stuff. well i did is just to put it online :’)

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again lost preset with this save design :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
makes me angry each time.

i’m working on a preset, i find a good setting i want to store, i go precautiously to another slot to store it, then come back to previous preset and clic encoder because i assume like aaaaall other synths it switches back to “load” for safety aaand i delete the first preset again…
dam dam dam this is so fustrating.