Rainmaker Reverse/Freeze Clicks


So I know the rainmaker has inherent issues with certain parameters causing clicks, but I have a problem where enabling reverse or engaging freeze will cause severe clicks at all times.

I’ve tried playing with all combinations of grain size/number, delay time etc but it doesn’t help.

The amount of clicking makes these features essentially unusable. Just wondering if there are any settings that will improve this, or if other people can use these features successfully without clicks.
I’m on v1.07 - does 1.09 improve this at all? (didn’t see anything in the changelogs)


Hi Jack,

This might be best dealt with by e-mailing support@intellijel.com

v1.07 VS 1.09 are the display firmware versions, so they wouldn’t effect sound quality. What version of the FPGA firmware are you running? The latest is 143.

Hey Scott,

Ah I see. Looks like I’m on 140 FPGA firmware.
Will try to email support!


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