Rainmaker-- reverb?

I’m looking into what it might take to set up a Rainmaker patch to do basic reverberation as a starting point. I note there are a couple of delivered patches that are named as if they were some kind of reverb, but none of them could be called any kind of typical reverb-- is this even possible with a Rainmaker? I thought reverb was basically simulated with a multi-tap delay in some fashion, so I’d think it is possible-- but at the moment I’ve no idea how to go about getting there…


I haven’t sought out to directly create a reverb yet, but I’d think it would be possible in the comb filter/delay section by turning up the number of taps to a high number, turning up feedback, and adjusting the comb size as if you were adjusting the decay on a reverb. Make sure the comb section derives its comb size from the knob, and is not sync’d with something else.

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i’ve got some really stunning reverb presets worked up. its become my favorite reverb actually because you can craft reverbs with bits of added flavor from detuning, internal modulation, subtle pitch shifting, grains ect, sky is the limit it seems but my verbs all feel special and personal now

There is many ways to go about it, but i would say for starters think of the comb section with high density as your reverb and using the delay taps to be the effects enhancers depending what you do to your taps. in the delay section i find using the grooves ‘late reflection’, ‘early reflection’, and the different random grooves to be go-to for reverb. experiment with the comb/delay routings and the delay internal wet/dry. all the various pitch shiftings(per tap, feedback, internal lfo, detune ect) have wide timbre range with the grains, so you can distort, smear, crystalize, chorus, phase and many more things based on how they interact in your preset. per tap filtering is another dimension of discovery for your verb too

happy reverb designing :slight_smile:


That sounds awesome Damase!

Any chance you’d be willing to share those presets publicly on Laser Mammoth?

Yes i would
Admitedly i havent even looked at the lazer mammoth thing ever, but i was working on an entire bank of 50-70 presets of all different variety to share with a pdf to explain each of them… just got swept back into some time pressed studio work so i havent been able to finish

Ill see if i can check it out soon and maybe get just a couple of the reverb presets shared


That would be amazing! Let me know if you have any questions about the whole Lazer Mammoth process. It’s pretty straightforward though.

If you only want to share a few custom presets you would probably want to create your own private preset bank as a backup of all your settings, then create a separate public one with the ones you want to share.

Awesome. I forgot Rainmaker had a USB MIDI port.

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