Rainmaker Query :

I would just like to check something about rainmaker delay capabilities…
I’m looking for a specific effect that I would normally achieve with multiple delays, I’ll explain the effect and hopefully someone can clarify wether I am wrong that Rainmaker is capable of this:

Here it is:
I want to take a signal/sound and apply multiple delays to it (either triggered at specific points or in an always-on state like one would get if a mixer channel was being passed through a regular delay)…
So as the sound travels through the module I would then be able to simultaniously (for example) apply two or three seperate delays (eg, 2/4, 3/4, 6/4) to it.

From what I’ve seen it would appear as if the Rainmaker is able to do this but the whole ‘taps’ part confuses me as I would normally associate the word ‘tap’ to pre-determined delay points, so I’m thinking maybe this is indeed the case however the module user can reassign these delay points to the same point (ie. first beat of the bar for every tap).

Hopefully what ive said is clear :slight_smile:
can someone clarify for me if im right/wrong on this?


Hi BeatScientist,

If I understand correctly, you should certainly be able to use Rainmaker in the way that you described. Since the time divisions you mentioned are all 1/4 note divisions, you would want to set your grid to 4/beat. Then each tap would represent a 1/4 note “step”, so tap 2, 3, and 6 would give you the divisions you want, so you would want to bring up the level and adjust your settings on those steps.

Of course the Feedback Tap# and Delay Clock Time Division (If you are using an external clock) settings would also affect the timing of your taps.

Hey, I have made a video to better explain theeffect Im going for :slight_smile:
video examples

it sounds like it does indeed do the effect im after but I want to be extra sure as opting for the rainmaker will mean I’ll have to pass on a couple more modules I was hoping to pick up.

ps, thanks for the earlier reply.

Hey BeatScientist,

Here’s a quick demo I made. I think this covers what you were after. Thanks for the request!


excellent, thank you very much for that…
looks like Rainmaker will definately be making it’s way in to my rack :smiley:

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