Rainmaker not recognizing Laser Mammoth of Sysex


Was just on tour trying to redownload the factory Laser Mammoth presets over usb. Using a Macbook pro 2017 15 inch with the usual USB C adaptor Rainmaker would not recognize USB being connected and neither Laser Mammoth or Sysex Librarian could see the Rainmaker.

FWIW I do not have the latest Rainmaker firmware as I don’t have a PC to do the update but otherwise it works fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks, love the Rainmaker


Hey Ryan,

Are you pressing save and load to enter the USB detection mode?

Also, while it’s not a firmware update issue, you might want to check out this FAQ entry: https://intellijel.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000356893-Troubleshooting-Rainmaker-Firmware-Updates

Probably best if you e-mail support@intellijel.com

Yes I am pressing save and load to enter the USB detecting mode.

Do I need to use the Virtual Box thing on Mac just to transfer presets?

No, preset transfers and updating the display firmware can be done on a Mac. It’s only updating the FPGA firmware that requires a PC.