Rainmaker low in volume

Why might my Rainmaker be considerably low in volume?

Have tried different mixers MixUp and Rosie. Made sure all config setting were correct and the ‘wet’ is all the way up with the dry signal healthy. Have also sent different types of signals to it. The input amount does little to increase the volume.

My RM has also been updated to the latest firmware.

Must be user error, somewhere…as the remaining functions all seem to be working. What am I over looking here?

thanks in advance

What kind of levels are you setting in your meters? It can cause a dip in level if you have both sections on but one has lower level than the other.

Generally I start with them both at 8 and raise or lower as needed.

I was directed to update the presets via Laser Mammoth, which seem to fix the problem. All good now

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Oh that’s good to hear. Thanks for the update Honeysmack!