Rainmaker + instrument

Anyone using their rainmaker as a processor for instruments other than synths/eurorack? Any examples/patches/video’s? I’m a double bass player and will explore the combination the next weeks but was curious if there are other people out there doing this.

I did this for a couple of the Audio IO videos using my hank drum, but I got excited to try this after a friend was talking about jamming with another musician using his modular.

You sure you have posted the right link? Don’t see a rainmaker in there? Or is it just to point out that there are i/o modules?

I couldn’t remember which video it was in so I posted the playlist, but I know in one of the input module videos I used the Rainmaker with my hank drum using the NT1A mic.

Check out the Audio Interface II video, that one gives the best example (but I also demonstrate this in the Line In 1U and Audio IO 1U videos too).

ok thanks.

Rainmaker can pair really well with external instruments. A friend of mine has a ukulele with pickups and we had a great little jam session a few weeks ago that I unfortunately didn’t record any of. I’ve been thinking about getting a kalimba to experiment with.


Yeah I can see a Kalimba working really well.