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Rainmaker Feature Requests


I’m not sure if this is possible, but it would be great to be able to edit more than one tap at a time. Being able to edit all taps simultaneously in Edit mode is really helpful, but I don’t always want to edit all of them. However, I often want to edit more than one with same or mirrored settings. If you could hold down two or more tap buttons and edit them together at the same time this would be quite helpful. I was also thinking it would be useful if holding down a tap button would allow you to edit every multiple of that tap number. For example, holding tap 4 would allow you to edit 4, 8, 12, and 16 simultaneously. Holding tap 1 could maybe control all odd taps? I think this would help people create and alter patches more quickly, which would make it an even more power live performance tool. Pressing the encoder to toggle between a matched and mirrored editing mode would potentially be really helpful too.

I was also thinking it would be helpful if holding load and pressing clear provided a clear patch or reset to default command. The easiest way I can see to implement this would be to have this action load preset 1which could be saved with the user’s default settings.


Plonk style preset morphing would be awesome too. By that I mean Morph could be added as a Mod A/B destination, then once you select Morph, you select a preset number for morphing. The Mod knob would now have the settings of the current preset while fully CCW, and the Morph target preset when CW.

I imagine some parameters would have to be excluded to create smooth transitions, but sweeping between different filter levels, panning cut/q, comb# and time/size mod level/rate has some cool potential.


Yes, i agree on these proposals :slight_smile:


I just thought of another one that might be cool, but I’m not sure if it’s possible.

Per tap Sample Rate Reduction! This could potentially be added as a new filter type, then Cut would control the sample rate. Of course the range would have to be tweaked if this parameter were selected. Q could perhaps control bit depth or some other related parameter.


so I reckon I should load preset 1 and clear that one tap in order to have an empty preset? There is no “initialize” button combination?


No, there’s no initialize feature at this point, so that would be a good workaround.