Rainmaker doesn't retain comb settings between power cycles

I’m using v.1.07/10 and each time I power up my case, I need to re-edit the Comb settings. The unit isn’t retaining those between power cycles regardless of whether I save them into a preset.

I played a show in LA a couple weeks ago and mentioned this to another Rainmaker user and he’s experiencing the same issue. Sounds like a bug to me. I’m guessing that you’re aware of it, but since a quick search on the forum showed no results I figured I’d mention it.

Is your comb FX section set to ON when you’re saving?

Ah, that’s it. If saved while Comb is OFF, the settings don’t retain and revert to defaults upon restart. If saved while Comb is ON, settings do retain.

I often save with it OFF because it’s an intense effect that I want to have at the ready, but not actually enabled at startup.