Rainmaker crackling noise on DRY/WET Poti

Hey to everyone,

I bought a secondhand Rainmaker and are happy to be a Part of the Rainmaker “gang” now :slight_smile:
But i have a Problem that the DRY/WET Poti makes noises when i turn it. I Know that. the issue can be the dust inside the Poti. But Does anybody had hat issue and fix it? Umnsolder the Old one? Cleaning it?

Thanks for the Held

cheers Jonas

best to contact support@intellijel.com to see what your options are.

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Hi. This is a question. Not a comment. I would. very much, appreciate help. My “mix” knob gives me zero volume on the wet setting after about 1 o’clock. In “meters/gain” both “DLY” & “CMB” are maxed out at “15”. What am I not getting? Or is this defective? Tech support is trying to help… But obviously not enough.

I’ll continue helping you via support. It’s important to provide as much detailed information about your settings, system and patch to speed the diagnosis process. Sending videos demonstrating the issue is often the best way to convey a problem and helps us to spot user error issues.

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