Rainmaker clock unstable

I got a new Rainmaker a week ago and I´m experiencing time drifts using an external clock.
My master clock comes from cirklon —> Pamela´s New Workout ----> Delay Clock in from Rainmaker.

I´m listening a time drift, not constant, but it happens pretty often.
And when I get into the clock section I can see the BPM drifting at the same time that I listen to the drifts. Some times it jumps from 122bpm to 180 (and the delays sounds drifting accordingly).

I´m using a Stackcable from PNW to the clock IN, and from that Stackable I´m going to the O´Tool+ to measure the BPM. The clock reading is very stable there and it´s exactly the same clock being received by Rainmaker. When I see time driftings in Rainmaker´s display, I don´t see them in O´tool+.
I´ve also measured the clock output from Rainmkaer, and it´s drifting.

Any ideas?

Have you tried running your clock source to a buffered multiple before going to the rainmaker and other devices (instead of using the stackable)?

Not really, but I tried using a regular cable (non stackcable) and I had the same issue.
Later I´m going to try moving the unit to a different case/power. I´ll report the results as soon as I do that.
Thanks for your reply.

Ok, my mistake. I was sending a triangle wave from PNW (instead of a square wave).
O´Tools was recognizing the bpm correctly, but Rainmaker wasn´t.
Sending a square wave solves the problem.
Thanks again for you help.

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