Rainmaker Clock In question

Got a Beatstep Pro which is sending clock.
The clock out works driving a Voltage Block but I don’t seem to get any response at all from the Rainmaker when I plug the clock into the delay clock in.
The RM clock doesn’t sync to or track the BSP clock and i can still manually change the RM clock.
I would try with another clock source but the BSP is all I’ve got.

Anything I’m missing? Anyone else synced with a BSP?

Simple question to get out of the way, are you sure you’re using the Delay section clock and not the Comb section clock?

The comb section can be set to use either clock input or no clock input if you select Comb Size or Encoder. The Delay section should sync to any clock signal connected to the clock input unless Tap# is set to Comb Size.

One thing to try is to see if going through a buffered mult first makes any difference. Some gear including the MicroBrute and Mother 32 seems to need a buffered mult for certain connections.

Thanks for the reply Scott.

Plugged into the left of the two Clock inputs in the bottom row in the delay ‘box’ on the panel. Pretty sure that’s right. Tap# is not set to Comb Size.

I don’t have a buffered mult I’m afraid. Have to see if I can beg / borrow one.

If it doesn’t work with a buffered mult I would recommend e-mailing support@intellijel.com

Plugged an lfo from my Neutron into RM Clock - works.
BSP is the culprit it seems.

Thanks for the help Scott.

do you have any envelopes or function generators(maths)? maybe you can do a work around with neutron: try plugging your beatstep clock into the att1 input of neutron then plug out of att1 output of neutron and go into rainmaker clock input. start out with the att1 knob all the way down and slowly turn it up until you start getting clock into the rainmaker. you can view any changes by watching the screen on rainmaker.

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried that - no luck.
I’ve ended up using the RM as clock and syncing everything to that - including the BSP which works.

Shame the BSP does this. I like it, but this sort of thing takes the shine off a little.