Rainmaker can't update firmware

Hi try to follow this video about update firmware :

the quartus program goes all the way and i get the "100% successful"
but rainmaker screen is stuck on main logo flashing saying
intellijel & cyclonix — rainmaker v1.02
…do you have to wait … long ?
or is my installation failled ?

Did you update the display as well? (The rainmaker is a bit of an odd one, too powerful for 1 firmware haha, it has 2 firmwares)

Grab the updater for the display here: https://intellijel.com/firmware-updates/

thx so much.

i will give it a go or sell that module. i’m lost. mini usb micro usb firmware update, diplay update, but first you need to install so many soft and drivers each one linking to another installation manual this is insane ! one says “Check the manual for the specific module for instructions on how to activate bootloader” and keyword bootloader gives 0 results in rainmaker manual. just like a good chinese instruction manual.
"All archives unzip files everywhere with no containing folders … spent litterally 5hours already on this. exactly why i gave up on computer music to switch to hardware. now everything looks worse.

going on with my path to hell i use Firmware Updater and get this error message.
i think updater is looking at a floder at C:\Users\name that does not exist !
my user folder is C:\Users\name surname
i tried with administration mode… nothing works.

C:\Users\name surname\AppData\Local\Temp\ongez2g3.3uw\dfu-util.exe -a 0 -s 0x08000000:leave -D C:\Users\name surname\AppData\Local\Temp\ongez2g3.3uw\Intellijel_Firmware_Updater.Firmware.rainmaker_1.07.bin -d 0483:df11
==> Error occurred during update.

No such file or directory: Could not open file C:\Users\name for reading
dfu-util 0.9

(by the way the “manual” saying how to activate the bootloader is not a manual. It’s actually the Intellijel Firmware Updater.exe that will display “instructions” once you selected the update you want… tricky, and wait it’s not even called bootloader in this instruction ! just to make it easy)

@igodzillan Please try downloading the firmware updater again, I just fixed an issue with it where it didn’t handle user names with spaces in them correctly.

wondrefull thanks ! i will try that !

it’s still 1.02 i get this message bellow.
is there something i must do with the : usbtiny_windows8.zip ?
i see the STM32 BOOTLOADER, made sure i used your last update but i get :
C:\Users\name surname\AppData\Local\Temp\2soh2cqb.qtd\dfu-util.exe -a 0 -s {address}:leave -D “{fwPath}” -d {device}
==> Error occurred during update.

dfu-util 0.9
No such file or directory: Could not open file {fwPath} for reading

hm, looks like a different problem in the firmware updater app, I will fix it when I get into the office. Sorry about that!

no problem thanks.

Ok I’ve fixed that problem. Hopefully it works for you now. Here’s a direct link to the download:


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it woooooorked !

Great :+1: sorry for the trouble!