Question Intellijel 7U Case - Issue?

I’m a happy owner of the 7U case 2x104 hp.
I did plug all the modules and they work fine but when I move / touch the power cable, there is an issue as I can hear a noise / cracks which isn’t not good at all.

Here is what I did to check :
The QUAD VCA was used as a mixer so I changed my mixer (Erica Synth Mixer Lite)
Changed the power cable (I did buy 2) / Tried another outlet
I changed the input channel of the audio interface
I changed the cables that go to my audio interface
Actually I did double check all the cords in between the case and my speakers basically

After all these verifications, the issue remains and my friends who have the same case don’t have that. Is there an issue with the isolation of the power or this is because the QUAD VCA and the Erica Synth Mixer lite are not balanced ? For now, it’s all about guessing so perhaps the community will help me to understand what’s happening if some of you did have the same experience !

I didn’t have the issue my Doepfer case so I’m a bit lost.

Here are few videos to help you to see what’s going on :

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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me and my friend has exact the same issue.
did you got any response from intellijel?


And I had to change my audio cables to TRS + 1U Audio module.
Problem is 99% gone :slight_smile:
Good luck guys

I have the same issues with my 7U case…
I can‘t imagine to play on a nightclub soundsystem with this bad noise.

Are you using TRS cable to route your audio ?

Best to contact with any possible hardware issues, the support team doesn’t always have the time to address forum posts.

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i just changed to TRS,
it recude the noise, but still have the issue with the cracklings when i touch the power cable.

are you still using the mean well power supply?

i am already in contact with the support

thanks carmelo

Sorry, never saw the reply.
Did you find out ? Hope so !