Question : How to connect Plonk through Beatstep Pro with Ableton

He guys, I’m new here as well as a bit noobie with the modular thing. So this is the question - I just got my rack from Doepfer with first modul by Intellijel (Plonk) - still beginning I know but wanna start generate sound right away. Having Beatstep pro connect to iMac , working with Ableton 9. Can you help me out how to get sound from Ableton when I trigger beatport (its lighting but no sound comes out) I tryed different variations but still no success. Maybe I’m totally wrong and didn’t catch the idea. Having four patch cables as well connect to beatstep pro. What I missed?
thank you in advance

Hi Dmitri,

What are you connecting Plonk’s OUT to? Is this going to an audio interface? You should be able to get sound just by hitting the red trigger button on Plonk.

Using a Beatstep Pro, I would recommend using one of the CV sequencers rather than the drum sequencer. You would want to connect the BSPs gate out to Plonk’s TRIG in, and the BSP Pitch out to Plonk’s PITCH in. You can also connect BSP’s VEL to Plonk’s VEL, but it will also be fun to experiment with connecting that to Plonk’s X, Y, and Decay inputs. MOD could also bring some neat results depending on what you have assigned.


Thank you for the fully answer, I was missed 3.5mm Mini Jack Stereo to Twin RCA to be connect to my Traktor Audio 10, but i have delay when I trig from the beatstep pro. Need something else right? everything to go on time, Help me out

thank you in advance


Sounds like you need to adjust your Hardware Buffer settings in Ableton Live. Ableton comes with a tutorial setting that walks you through how to properly configure this.

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