Question: Headphones 1U when slaved to Stereo Line Out 1U or Mixup

Hello Intellijel community and admins,

I am planning to purchase some 1U modules for my synth.

When I internally connect the Headphones 1U to the Stereo Line Out, the manuals state that the inputs of the Headphones 1U are still active, albeit not normalled, when the jumper is removed.

Does that mean that while there is audio coming in from the Stereo Line Out 1U, I can connect something to the inputs of the Headphones 1U, and monitor it without it being sent out on the main mix?

This will allow for cueing of audio using my headphones before I connect it to the main mixer.

If I do this, does the normalling of the input from the Stereo Line Out to the Headphones 1U get cancelled? Or will it just mix the signals together on the Headphones output?


Bumping this because no reply, I’d love to purchase this module but this question is very important.


bump! I’m also interested in hearing the answer!

Sorry for the delay!

Removing that jumper disables the L > R normal. More specifically, the normal is replaced with a Stereo Line Out > Phones Normal.

It will not mix those two signals. In this config, the Audio going from the Outs will be sent as expected to your ¼" outputs. When patching into phones L and R, you will no longer hear the input of the Stereo Line Outs modules on your headphones.

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Thank you. Breaking the normaling is cool too.