Question about Steppy Tap

A quick question, when using the Tap recording feature, can you press and hold to write multiple steps? I’m specifically thinking of holding to write on/off gate patterns with 100% pulse width.

No, but with reason. Most people would be slower than a 16th at 120bpm (125ms), it would cause late taps, extra steps getting recorded, etc. Another limitation is that gate length is currently set per track, not per-step, so it’s not taking into account pulse width of your press, it’s just lighting up a step, and using your current gate setting for the track.

But i’ll take the idea under consideration if we do something like per-step gate length.

I don’t think it needs to be per step pulse width, but being able to write multiple triggers by simply holding would be useful for consistent trigger input and would be more accurate than requiring the user to tap in time with a clock. For example if you have a 1/16th clock and wanted to lay down a 1/16th high hat pattern, simply holding the button would write steps until released.