Quadrax vs Intellijel Dual ADSR attack speed

Im thinking of replacing my intellijel dual ADSR and Batumi with a Quadrax to save space in my small travel case. Ive heard complaints in the past that the Quadrax envelopes are slow or not as snappy as people would have liked. Has that been addressed in firmware updates? How fast is the Quadrax attack compared to the Intellijel dual ADSR attack?
I want to make sure I can achieve fast snappy pluck sounds and what not

Thanks for any info

The complaints were more due to the curvature and not the speed, it was previously not possible to get a “spike” type AR envelope like with some other AR generators but we since added the possibility with the alternate AR modes in the later firmware so that’s not a problem. The actual minimum rise and fall times are quite shorter, I think even shorter than Dual ADSR if I recall correctly.


Ill be buying the quadrax then.

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I absolutely love all the features of Quadrax, the recent update allows such super short/sharp envelopes. I don’t have the ADSR to compare to, but it beats my other options in this regard.