Quadrax outputs 0,04 volt at each output (bleeding issue)

Hi communty,

I really love my Quadrax, but I’ve a big issue with it in both env. modes. It generates a tiny 0,04 volt at each output, making it totally unappropriate for VCA tasks, as a VCA will open at 0,04 volt. The bleed resulting is too loud to me “hidden” in a mix. I can’t see any trim at the back and didn’t find any type of calibration manipulation. I am afraid to have to send it back if no fix :frowning:

Edited to correct 0,4 to 0,04 volt

Hey @adr, shoot us a message at support@intellijel.com and we’ll see if we can figure this one out!

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Okay it all works like a charm, thank you a lot for the service of quality and the wonderful/powerful module!

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