Quadrax New Feature Request: internal cross-modulation

Sometimes, I like to chain each channel of the Quadrax so each LFO modulates the frequency of the next channel. This configuration creates wonderfully unpredictable oscillations that with another envelope generator can provide interesting rhythmic patterns or, with a sample and hold, really interesting pitch patterns that are statistically piled up in the middle of the range.

It would be splendid if there were some way to internally chain the outputs to control the parameters of each channel so I wouldn’t have to use stack cables.

I really like this idea, but fear even more shifted functionality. Especially since it’s able to be accomplished already with mults/ stackables. Getting burnt out on memorization and peak functional density. How would you propose implementing it from the UI?

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I think it’s quite unlikely we’d add this. The Quadrax UI is already pretty loaded with different screens and button combos

(Replying here because I didn’t realize I was replying to a no-reply email thread.)

Maybe one could press and hold one channel then tap a second channel. The first channel would be the modulated and the second would be the modulator. Then you could use the parameter buttons to assign a modulation amount like with the CV inputs.

I realize I can do this with mults and have, but this is a function I would use frequently.