Quadrax LFO Phase Sync

Hey Everyone!

I submitted a support request about Quadrax’s non-phase synced LFOs. Kamil from Intellijel suggested posting here to open a discussion about the possibility of implementing the feature and the challenges.

Here is the video of current phase on tempo synched LFOs.

Below is the email from Kamil about the challenges.

I had a try at this in the morning, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as I thought it might. The problem is that as soon as you start modulating the division / multiplication of either of the waveforms they will quickly go out of sync again because the new rate takes effect at the moment it happens instead of waiting for a full cycle of the waveform to complete. This was done in order to maintain smoothness when the waveform is being externally modulated. Keep in mind that Quadrax was designed primarily to be a successor to Quadra, which didn’t even have any form of tempo sync, so more emphasis has been placed on maintaining a kind of “analog” behaviour than trying to have every possible envelope feature and achieving maximum precision.

I’d still be interested in adding some idea of phase sync but I don’t think it’s an easy problem to solve in a modular context. It might be worthwhile to open up the conversation on our forum instead and maybe other people have some ideas around how it could work. It would also be more useful for me to clarify any design decisions we made there instead of repeating them by email.

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Haha. I see this is a popular topic. In any case, my first though would being able to reset the LFO phase manually with a gate. Maybe this could be toggled though a key combination / long press etc within the CV routing. Thoughts? Am I the only one who’d like to see the LFOs in phase?

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