Quadrax Krell

hi, for the less lazy amongst us : how to use Quadrax at the center of a Krell patch :slight_smile:
simple version : randomising Rise and Fall of 1 channel and using EOC of that channel for randomising v/oct?
more complex version :

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There’s a few ways you could approach it depending on what else you have in your system, but with just Quadrax you could set up a (sort of) Krell patch using the LFV mode and a mult/hub.

For example:

  1. Set channel 1 to LFV mode and send its output to the 1V/OCT input of your oscillator and to a Quadrax CV input (we’ll use CV B for this example). You could also optionally send this channel to control filter cutoff, FM Index or some other timbral control.
  2. Set channel 2 to AD mode and use either EOR or EOF so it triggers based on the timing of LFV (EOR triggers when the LFV moves in a positive direction, EOF triggers from negative direction). Use the output of this channel to open your VCA. You could also use this to control filter cutoff or some other timbral control.
  3. In the CV Routing Matrix, set CV B (the output of the LFV) to control the FALL of channel 2 and set it RED so the incoming CV is inverted. This will make higher LFV values produce shorter, higher pitched notes. You could also use the matrix to make channel 1 control its own rate, so higher notes play more quickly.

There’s a few ways you could tweak this, and if you have QX you could make this even more intricate. I’ll admit I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ll have to give it a shot some time!