Quadrax [FR]: CV Matrix Mixer Mode

I got this idea from the U-He CVilization module. In short, it’s a CV matrix mixer mode. It could be accessed by a button combo similar to the Utility mode.

When in Matrix mode, pressing a channel button on the left selects that input and allows you to edit the outputs with knobs on the right. Conversely, pressing a mode button on the right would allow you to access to input knobs on the left.

It could act as a true CV matrix mixer that doesn’t generate CV at all, as CVilization does.

Or, perhaps, it could simply mix the existing CV channels. So, for example, you could have the LFO from Channel 1 applied in various attenuverted amounts to the output channels, and mixed with an envelope at Channel 2, random at Channel 3, etc.

I have a matrix mixer in my rack but I use it for audio most of the time.