Quadrax Feature Request

id have a feature request on the Quadrax: it would be really great to create a function in which the envelope lengths get scaled to a clock input, so that they match the time between the two last pulses of an incoming clock.
would there be general interest in this?


I really have no idea if it would be useful or not. Sounds interesting anyway!

How would the rise and fall knobs behave in that case?

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any software or hardware synth with an envelope that behaves this way. What’s the effect you’re trying to achieve?

the attack and rate knobs could eventually be used as clock multiplication or division of the incoming signal.
the 4ms pingable envelope does such a thing. it just opens other synchronization possibilities which you wouldnt have with just the regular v/oct input!

Lot’s of software synths have envelopes with a tempo quantize (sync) option. For Quadrax it would be nice when using it as a cycling envelope (like you can with LFO mode). Obviously you’d loose the ability to trigger these envelopes, so it would have to be a special mode (maybe that’s the deal breaker?).

So basically it would be a unipolar triangle LFO with a skew factor? I think we considered that before but thought that the random LFV option was more interesting.

I think it could be a good idea though, I’m just not sure how to cram it into the UI for waveform selection as it is now.