Quadrax Feature Request - Fine tune lfo/vco

Hello! First time posting, long time user. Please forgive me if this request exists elsewhere – I couldn’t find it.

I love using Quadrax as a ‘carrier’ vco to ring/amplitute/frequency modulate other signals. Also, sometimes just using it as a regular vco is fun, as the morphing waveforms sound amazing. But I have a very hard time tuning it precisely with other oscillators. It’s possible, but not easy. I was wondering if a ‘fine tune’ option would be possible while in lfo mode, at audio rate? Perhaps some kind of button combo that could repurpose the rise knob to do fine tuning, once you already have it in the ballpark?

This interesting to anyone else?




I’d also LOVE this feature. I think I may have requested it a long time ago, but not had much feedback on it.

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What would be cool is if a button combination would simply change the range of the knob, so fully CCW is something like 20 Hz.

PS: The carrier in modulation is the signal being affected by the modulator. I might be misunderstanding you but think you have it backwards. I only point it out because I got them mixed up for a long time myself:


Can’t go wrong with Sound on Sound. :blush:

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Let’s spread the word :v::heart:

Yes, that’s precisely what I’m suggesting!

And yes, you’re right, I meant modulator, not carrier! All these fancy terms get mixed up in my head sometimes. Sound on Sound all the way! :v::heart:

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