Quadrax Feature Request - attenuvertion/offset

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Hope all good! Long time Intellijel user, much love and respect for everything you do - got a decent range of your stuff : )

Quadrax is one of my most used mod sources and I’ve often wished I could set an output level and/or offset without the need for external CV (or the system 5 or 10V option).

Thought about how it could be implemented - would it be impossible to do the following?

In CV assign mode - if level is unpatched, could full green be full positive range (default setting - 5 or 10V), then 75/50/25% level on the next brightness increments, down to 0V with the LED off. Then when the LED is red, the inverted opposite.

Then, hold down the level LED until yellow (for example) and then the +/- increments could give fixed offsets.

This would be amazing and negate the need for external attenuversion/offset or using a fixed voltage source, freeing things up and making patches much cleaner and more precise.

If it’s not already, would make Quadrax completely unrivalled. Similar features on other modules are so useful for quick dialling in of the perfect amount of modulation.



Something similar was proposed by another user so this is being considered. I agree that it would be a handy thing to have!

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Hey Scott - thanks for the reply, that’s great to hear! Thanks for considering it, would be a fantastic addition.

Might another way to set the attenuation and offset level be with an external voltage (from Quadratt for example), then remove the source and Quadrax remembers the setting? Then you could have any precise level needed rather than fixed 25/50/75 increments.

I’d also love this to be a thing.
I was using it today, and thinking EXACTLY this.