Quadrax Burst retriggers behaving differently depending on shape

I just noticed that the burst mode on both my two 1.3 Quadraxes are responding to retriggers inconsistently, depending on the shape knob (that is, they both are exhibiting this same behaviour). With the shape knob fully counter-clockwise, the bursts will retrigger on an incoming trigger, and with the shape knob fully clockwise, they have to complete the burst cycle first. I haven’t checked which burst-retrigger mode they’re in in the system menu (although I think at least my newer one must be in default mode … it’s possible I changed it on the older one), but it seems that the behaviour I’m seeing isn’t really consistent with either mode.

Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 12.11.01 AM
Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 12.10.46 AM

(Let’s see if these images work … I so rarely get this right on the first attempt)

This is the same trigger pattern fed to the same Quadrax channel; the only thing modified between the two images is the shape. You can see on the descending/counter-clockwise shape the clear retrigger - note some bursts are three pulses and some are four, matching the variable length between pulses. The ascending/clockwise shape, by comparison shows the actual length of the burst, with the ignored retriggers illustrated by the increased spacing.

(Hey! The images worked.)

Am I missing something?

This is the Correct Behaviour for Retrig Enabled (Green RISE in the system menu).
A trig in the attack stage is essentially ignored (same behaviour as AR), so when you have shape tilted to All attack, then it going to wait until it’s decaying or idle before starting up again.

The default behaviour also ignore trigs in the decay stage and waits for the burst to be idle.

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