Quadrax availability

I just started building up my first modular rack with a 104hp palette case and there’s a Quadrax sized hole in my heart right now.

Any word on when a next batch might be available, preferably in the US? I’ve been lining up alternatives but they don’t quite fit with what I’m trying to do and don’t have the same set of features in a similarly small footprint.


Bump…. How long has it been since anyone has seen a Quadrax in a store ?? I am trying to decide whether to buy a Quadra to tide me over or whether I can be patient.

There’s a demo available at Long & McQuade in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada for you non-Canuck folks):


I would have them send a picture of it before pulling the trigger. I’ve bought demo modules from them before and they’ve been pristine but I can’t say if that’s always the case.

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Not sure but I love my Quadrax and on a side note am waiting patiently for a Scales preorder from Perfect Circuit! :grin:


Yes, this is a good idea. I’ve bought “new” stuff from Long & McQuade that has had knobs missing, etc. (My experience with them was not with that store, specifically.)

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New with knobs missing?? Surely that’s a rare occurrence and they took care of you, right?

Yeah, it was an Access Virus TI (over a decade ago…), and they were very apologetic, claiming that a staff member must have been abusing their policy of being allowed to take home instruments in order to familiarize themselves with them, but it kinda sounded like BS and I haven’t really trusted them since. More recently, I got a “new” Mutable Instruments Grids that has some weird residue on the faceplate that seems too resilient to just be from a price tag, so I don’t if I’ve just had bad luck with them, or what. But, yes, they definitely took care of the Virus and were appropriately mortified, whatever that’s worth.

Sorta off-topic but I spoke with my rep at Sweetwater yesterday, and he said the ETA for Scales is mid March. He also said they haven’t received a Scales shipment since July. The Covid slowdown is real!

Any ETA? About to crack & pursue something different after waiting so long

Also curious about Quadrax availability.