Quadrax: Are Wave Shapes Correct?

I might be misunderstanding the controls and/or LFO shape chart, but I have the Fall knob at noon on Channel 3, which should give be horizontally symmetrical waves. With the tiny exponential curve knob at full CC and CCW, I should be getting sine and triangle, right? But the frequency modulation doesn’t sound symmetrical at all. I hear a steep change juxtaposed with a continuous change, like a sawtooth. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious:

Thank you.

Does your channel (3) have any other modulation internally routed to it? You should definitely be able to get a relatively clean sine or triangle. I would clear off all modulation first to isolate.

Thanks, I bought this used, and it looks like the seller left some channel to channel triggering going on. I read the manual and figured out how to clear those. Apologies for the post.

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