Quadrax 1.3 — Manual Triggers and Output Scaling!

This update brings a couple more tools to the toolbelt —

  • New Utility UI Mode (Hold RISE + LEVEL for 1 Second to Toggle). The left buttons will manually trigger a channel; the right buttons will set (5 or 10V) and attenuate (20% Increments) the channel’s output level.
  • Removed 10V/5V Envelope size global toggle. Replaced with per-channel setting in Utility Mode.
  • Fixed phase/clock sync abnormalities in LFV mode.
  • Updated manual available at intellijel.com/support.

Downloads —
A small update:

We may a really small adjust to the adjustment to Sense detection. If you notice a bit of jitter on the sense output, snag this one. If not, you probably won’t notice the difference :)

Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmwa … -10-08.zip
Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmwa … -10-08.zip

(Note: Same download as Planar 2 1.2)


This is great. Combined with the Planar2 update, it’s like Xmas has come early.



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Nice. This utility mode is really convenient. :+1: