Quadrax 1.3 — Manual Triggers and Output Scaling!

This update brings a couple more tools to the toolbelt —

  • New Utility UI Mode (Hold RISE + LEVEL for 1 Second to Toggle). The left buttons will manually trigger a channel; the right buttons will set (5 or 10V) and attenuate (20% Increments) the channel’s output level.
  • Removed 10V/5V Envelope size global toggle. Replaced with per-channel setting in Utility Mode.
  • Fixed phase/clock sync abnormalities in LFV mode.
  • Updated manual available at intellijel.com/support.

Downloads —
Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmwa … -10-08.zip
Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmwa … -10-08.zip

(Note: Same download as Planar 2 1.2)


This is great. Combined with the Planar2 update, it’s like Xmas has come early.



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Nice. This utility mode is really convenient. :+1:

Assuming this is not meant for this post.

The perils of copy/paste

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Does the attenuation apply to LFO mode as well? I only ask because it mentions AD/ADR/CYCLE/BURST but not LFO.

Very cool feature. Now that Quadrax can do 1v CV modulation, it can modulate LZX video modules with no attenuation or bridging!

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The output attenuation works on all modes. LFO output range is -+1 to -+5V, the other modes go from 0 to +1 up to +10V.

Installed 1.3 update on Quadrax. Boots up with correct firmware (CVA and CVB lit Orange) but I cannot get into the new utility mode. LED’s just flash blue for a second then Quadrax returns to normal. Anything I can try ?

If the lights are flashing blue, then it sounds like you’re resetting the CV Assignments, which is holding CV A + LEVEL. Holding RISE + LEVEL (right side buttons) should enter/exit Utility mode.

Doh, you are correct, guess I read the instructions wrong, all good now , Thanks.

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@slowwild - I finally got my hands on a Qx for my Quadrax, and noticed a bug in AHR mode.
According to the manual, EOR will go high when the envelope reaches the maximum value, and stay high until the end of the release phase.
What I am seeing is that EOR does not go high until the end of the HOLD. So if you send a gate to the TRIG input, the EOR gate will not got high until the trigger gate stops.

Can’t believe I waited nearly two years to add Qx… so much fun.

Will log an issue and check it out soon, thanks for the heads up.


Holy cow! Manual triggers will be great! Does this mean you could manually tap a tempo into a quadrax lfo? Or would it reset it

Would it be possible to redo this such that holding both buttons for a single channel sets that channel to be in the manual trigger/scaling mode, but not the others?